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Painters and sculptors / Anonymous







S0713                            s1250 

      The marriage procession (The fêtes at Pompei),           "Les sylvains", composed and played by Chaminade.
Print, 15.1 x 22.5 cm, 1884Alkis Raftis Collection                               The "Duo-Art" 'pianola' piano. Aeolian    
                                                                                       Print, 35.5 x 21 cm, 1925, Alkis Raftis Collection



 In Greece, (En Grèce)
Print, lithograph, color, 1960 approx.



S1412                              s1832

    Mythological ballet of "Lady Henriette"                  Scene from the ballet "Ballet de jeunesse"  
 (Ballet mythologique de "Lady Henriette")                                     Print, 1660 approx.,                   
Print, 11 x 15.2 cm, 1844, Alkis Raftis Collection                                                                                     





 Rejoicings in Spain for the signature of the marriage contract between Louis XIII and Anne of Austria,
Print, 1612,



S3396                         S3435

Bacchant. Lalique crystal vase                           Three graces dancing        
     (Bacchantes, vase de Cristal Lalique)             Sculpture, relief, gem, 1910 approx.           
Sculpture, glass vase, 1975 approx.                                                                  





Bacchic dance (Danza bacchica ),
Print, colored, 17.5 x 9.4 cm, 1820 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection




S3027                 P9856

                    The procession of Bacchus                      Allegory of Bacchus with nymphs playing music and dancing   
 (The Fête des Vignerons, Vevey, Switzerland)                           Tapestry, 240 x 403 cm, 1750 approx.                 
Print, wood9 x 11.2 cm, 1889, Alkis Raftis Collection                                                                                                 



Ulysses (Vestris) and Ajax (Louis Duport, standing) rivalizing over Achilles's arms
Print, 1806



 P6464                   P6465 

                          Wine, syrtaki and imagination                                                   Apollo, god of music                              
                               Painting, 1970 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection                        Painting, 1970 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection                                             





Apollo, god of music
Painting, 1970 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection




P7016                 P7449  

The Bari Sisters                                       Bacchant - detail
               Print, steel engraving1796            Painting, gouache46.2 x 37.2 cm,           
                                                                      1750 approx.,



A living frieze at the palace of Agamemnon. Miss Regina Badet dances voluptuously in the middle of other dancers,
Une frise vivante au palais d'Agamemnon. Mlle Regina Badet danse voluptueusement au mileiu d'autres danseuses,
Print, lithograph, monochrome, 32 x 48.8 cm, 1908, Alkis Raftis Collection




P8623           P8624

 Dancers. Admiranda Rom. antiq.
Danseuses. Admiranda Rom. antiq.
Print, woodcut, 32.2 x 45.5 cm, 1750 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection


 Limelights and curtain at the Italian Opera in London (Vorbühne und Vorhang in der italienischen Oper in London)
Print, woodcut, 22.3 x 22.4 cm, 1849, Alkis Raftis Collection




P9087                               P9223      

                                                                       Dancing satyr
                                                                           Sculpture, bronze with patination, 105 cm, 1899 approx.,





Two nymphs dancing with Amors (Deux nymphes dansant avec Amors),

Painting on a wooden panel,




P9656                              p9703 

                    Bacchanalian scene among classical ruins,        Capriccio of classical buildings with the triumph of David         
Painting, oil on canvas, 73.5 x 62 cm, 1750 approx.             Painting, oil on canvas, 124 x 198 cm, 1750 approx.





Genius of the dance,
Sculpture, marble, 74 cm height, 1890 approx.



 P2949            P2951 

Maidens' dance (Orchesis parthenon),                           Comastes - Dancers of the Comos dance   
Print, 10 x 17 cm, 1860 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection            Print9.5 x 17 cm, 1860 approx.Alkis Raftis Collection     





Small temple at Rhamnus restored,
Print, colored, 8.4 x 11.7 cm, 1850 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection




P3818        P3819

                               Bacchic dance,                             Dancers of the Comos dance (Comastes),
         Print7.4 x 17 cm 1887                                         Print, 9 x 17 cm, 1887





Antique dancer,
Painting, plate, ceramic, 1825 approx.




 S4175                           S4343 

             Satyr playing the double flute and dancing,             Dame de la cour de Pelée, from the ballet             
                    Drawing, 1956                                      "Les noces de Pélée et Thétis"  




The Muses
Print, 1817




S4176                  S4611

                       Dancing Maenad,                                Pan playing a flute and Sylvania dancing  
            Drawing, 1956                                                        Drawing, 1927          





Dance of the young girls in front of the cave
(Danse des jeunes filles devant la grotte)
Print, wallpaper, 199 x 293 cm, 1823 approx.




S4838                    S4839

The Muses dancing before Apollo, from the original                     Grecian harvest home             
                   and celebrated picture of Julio Romano in the Louvre,                      Print, monochrome,                                   
    Print, monochrome, 8.2 x 17.4 cm, 1808                                  9.5 x 11.8 cm, 1800 approx.   
                   Alkis Raftis Collection           





Ancient Greek dances 6. Mourning dance (Oud-Grieksche dansen 6. Treurdans)
Print, gift card, lithograph, color7 x 11 cm, 1930 approx., Alkis Raftis Collection



 S4883              S4884

    Ancient Greek dances 3. Couple dance                           Ancient Greek dances 4. Choral dance 
(Oud-Grieksche dansen 3. Dans der Wijnkuip (Tweestap))              (Oud-Grieksche dansen 4. Koordans)              
                       Print, gift card, lithograph, color, 7 x 11 cm, 1930 approx.,           Print, gift card, lithograph, color, 7 x 11 cm, 1930 approx.,                
Alkis Raftis Collection




The Muse Terpsichore,
Painting, mural, fresco, 1857 approx.




P4531                  P4535

     Sacred dance (Danse sacrée),                                         Dances of Helen (Danses d'Hélène)
  Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.                                         Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.




Dance chorus (Choeur de danse),
Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.




S0412                                        S0613

              Marble figure of a dancer in                         Proposal for the "Dancing maenad"      
 the Royal Museum at Berlin                                     Competition. Torso     
(Marnorfigur einer Tänzerin im königl.                                                                          
Museum zu Berlin)                                                                         
                                                         Print, 19.8 x 9.8 cm, 1895, Alkis Raftis Collection              Print, 25.5 x 11.6 cm, 1897, Alkis Raftis Collection                                                     




The blue dove (La paloma azul)
Drawing, 1940




S1889                      S1224

  Why Sanatogen won the Grand Prix                        Gueldy, Paris. Son parfum La Feuilleraie
                                                   Print, mono, 17.7 x 25.5 cm, 1919, Alkis Raftis Collection         Print, 17.5 x 26.9 cm, 1918, Alkis Raftis Collection                                                             





Mappin & Webb's presentation silver plate
Print, 10 x 13 cm, 1890, Alkis Raftis Collection




S0773                          S1234

           "The conversion of England".                            "Sappho's famous 'Home of the poets'..."
Sacred tableau at the Croydon Public Hall                                                                                    
  Print, 15.1 x 22.2 cm, 1889, Alkis Raftis Collection           Print, 7.5 x 11.4 cm, 1929, Alkis Raftis Collection





Letters to Mary Gwenn. What every fairy knows
Print, 22.5 x 7.1 cm, 1924, Alkis Raftis Collection




P4514                P4532

Aeschylus and Sophocles after the battle of Salamis                  War dance (Danse guerrière)                 
 Print, 8.2 x 11 cm, 1890 approx.Alkis Raftis Collection               Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.              





The Goethe Dancer of the Masks Cabinet at the Vatican, Rome
(Die Goethe-Tänzerin des Cabinete delle Maschere im Vatican zu Rom)
Print, 20 x 12.5 cm, 1872, Alkis Raftis Collection




P4533                    P4536

Dance of the grape-pressing - Pas de deux                        Funerary dance (Danse funèbre)       
(Danse du pressoir - Pas de deux)                                                                                  
   Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.                               Print, lithograph, color, 1930 approx.



Two comic dancers; Bacchus and fiddler on a wagon
Print, woodcut, 1650 approx.



P4846                            P4896 

Subscription ball, Hickford Rooms, London                        Petrole Hahn. Tresor des cheveux              
              Print, 1795                                                     Print, lithograph, color1902 approx.





Scene from the opera-ballet "Le marriage de Pelée et de Thétis", by Jacques Torelli
Print, 1654




P5572                         P5573

Three Greek nymphs performing                        Four men performing a pyrrhic dance    
a round dance under a canopy                                                                                        
Print, 1820 approx.                                                      Print, 1820 approx.      










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